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In search of the lost home

“A Home of No Return” visually narrates the past and the present through a mixture of faded and fresh photographs. Except for a short introduction, none of the photographs in this series carry any explanations or titles, leaving the viewer with a freedom to build his/her/their own perspectives. Anandarup sandwiches the old family photographs and images from his Bangladesh journey tightly as if to remind us that the new images are just a natural extension of the past towards the present.


Indian Photo Festivals, Business As Usual 2

The second article in Photomail's series on the Indian Photography Festival 2018, ongoing in Hyderabad. The series examines the relevance of such festivals and delves into the elements and narratives that make it up, and attempt to decipher the whys and hows of what is happening. This part takes a look at what constitutes the Indian photography that is represented at the Indian photography festival.