Project Description

Crucifixion : Body and Spirit
Photographs by Hariharan Subrahmanian

Crucifixion : Body and Spirit was born out of the photographer’sneed to confront a horrific spectre that has started to haunt human kind. Response from society to this rotten absurdity is more alarming than the crime itself… blaming the betrayed, rather than the betrayer. The pictures in the media are all of the bruised, battered and torn bodies of the stalked, hunted, molested and raped till death flowers. They are visible to us , veiled as they are, by foggy filters, which decide that we are fickle to see the bloody meatiness of the aftermath of a bacchanalian orgy we ourselves have perpetrated and indulged in to our cocks’ hilt. The original innocence of the betrayed femininity is what matters more. That is what haunts the photographer. The eyes of the spirit within them, that gazes fixedly and unblinkingly… demanding to know why the trust was betrayed..!!  You may mutilate the body to your wildest end; but the haunting gaze of her spirit’s eyes bores into you and you wake up in cold sweat to a scorching heat that scalds and sears you.  The spirit of the betrayed child can never sleep again.

Photography © Hariharan Subrahmanian 2017 / 35 mm digital camera

Hariharan Subrahmanian

Starting his artistic sojourn as a painter, he soon took up photography as his medium of expression. His works have been published in national and international magazines and art journals.He has exhibited group shows held in many cities of the nation, Abudhabi and Germany.