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World’s First Magnetic Modular Filter System For Photographers and Videographers by H&Y | Source: Internet

Filtering New Ways: World’s first modular filter by H&Y

Camera filters are one of the innovations which have transformed photography in many ways. Filters have made it possible to capture breathtaking images in adverse lighting conditions, filtering out the content one doesn’t need. Used in all forms of photography and cinematography, ranging from streets to wildlife to ethnicity and fashion, filters have made the life of photographers much easier. Since photography is about capturing a moment with the correct light settings and details, as imagined by the photographer, filters are often essential to modify the light before it enters the lens so as to capture the image in the desired form. Also, filters protect the lens from dust and dirt and help to provide a long life for your equipment. UV filters help to capture normal images while giving protection to the lenses. Polarizing filters help to enhance the colors and details of the image and bring a refreshing look to the picture. The Neutral Density (ND) filters are used to control the amount of light entering the lens; these will help to control the ISO in such a way that the details of the image are captured without over-exposing various regions. There are also macro and color filters that help capture close-up images and change the color settings of the images, respectively.

One major issue with all these filters is that they have to be physically mounted to the lenses, and one has to carry different filters of the same type for different lenses that have to be used. This makes it unaffordable for everyone. Also, changing filters is a time-consuming process, which may cost a photographer the exact moment he had wished for.

To solve this problem, H&Y has created an innovative product. This Hong-kong based company has announced the Revoring Swift System, which is claimed to be the world’s first magnetic modular filter system developed for professional cameras. The design is featuring a magnetic ‘clip-on’ design that permits users to change a square filter on a lens within seconds at an ease. This allows the photographers and videographers to rapidly change the filters and take the shot as desired without missing any details. Also, the same filters could be used with different lenses by using magnetic adapters, which will significantly reduce the cost and saves the space for carrying multiple filters.

The company says this new ‘swift’ magnetic modular system will help in the challenging shooting tasks, which in turn saves time and money. The new Revoring system will be available in the market from April 2022.

By Finny Varghese Published on April 26, 2022


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After Sunil Janah moved to the US in his later days, these prints were mostly forgotten. Rahman says it is by another coincidence that they landed in India as a collector managed to buy some of them. “The timing of the exhibition coincides with the 75th anniversary of Independence. At a time when the BJP is trying to demolish Nehru’s legacy and spreading the narrative of ‘Make In India’, Janah’s works assume significance as the ‘Make In India’ started in the 1950s. That is why it is so important that people see these pictures. We should not forget this history and the BJP is trying to make us forget it.” Apart from their historical significance, these are stunning images, says Rahman. “That was a time of great hope. Now, we have a different view about industries. We perceive industries as polluting, but at that time we needed all these factories because we needed indigenous manufacturing. Also, they provided jobs to lakhs of people, particularly in backward areas. There was a great positive energy which actually can be felt in Janah’s photographs.”

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Ray-ban Stories sunglasses are built in partnership with Facebook and Ray-Ban’s parent company EssilorLuxottica and are the first product to be produced as a result of a multi-year partnership between the two companies. Ray-Ban Stories will be available in 20 different combinations in classic Ray-Ban styles — Wayfarer, Wayfarer Large, Round, and Meteor — and five colors with a range of lenses including clear, sun, transition, and prescription. Ray-Ban Stories features dual integrated 5-megapixel cameras that are designed to let the wearer capture everyday moments as they happen from a first-person perspective. The dual 5MP camera gives new depth and dimension to the content. It takes high-resolution photos (2592×1944 pixels) and quality video (1184×1184 pixels at 30 frames per second). Camera automatically adjusts to the light around for high-quality captures. One can also attend to calls, listen to music via blue tooth while on the go.

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