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Farmers Protest 2020 | Images shot by Vinit Gupta
Ready for the long haul © Vinit Gupta 2020

Vinit Gupta

Vinit Gupta is an emerging Indian Photographer based in New Delhi. He has a master’s degree in Economics and Anthropology. Vinit Gupta’s project, Where They Belong- portrait from Mahan forest was exhibited at the United Art Fair in 2013, Delhi Photo Festival 2015, and Fotofest Huston in2018. He is a recipient of the Neel Dongre Photography Award/fellowship 2013-2014 and 2014- 2015 supported by the India Photo Archive Foundation. He received the National Foundation of India Media Fellowship for 2018-2019.

Vinit Gupta is a promising young photographer who is sure of his convictions. He chooses his stories and tells that with utmost respect and reverence. His recent work titled IQRA was about the school that was demolished during the Delhi Riots (2019). Two adjacent schools DRP and Rajdhani public school witnessed systematic destruction with mobs occupying them over two days and left behind a scene of desolation and ruin. The work investigates images, found objects and documents from the site of conflict and violence together probe how it feels when violence erupts, turning neighbors into enemies and home into an alien land. None of the victims or perpetrators was included in this series – but from the broken building pieces, empty chairs, unclaimed drawings, and so on, one is left to imagine what had transpired in that space. The non-existing faces of the victims and perpetrators flash before us… the unacknowledged role of those in power makes us shiver in silence [Read: Ready for the Long Haul]. IQRA means to read or knowledge. Vinit Gupta’s strength lies in narrating a story without being explicit. IQRA alarmingly wakes one up to what has happened, but at the same time demands a discussion regarding what steps are taken or should be taken.

His most recent works titled Ready for the Long Haul document the plight and the determination of farmer’s protest in India’s capital against the recent Farm Law Bills. As part of the ‘Dilli Chalo’ protest called on November 26 and 27, lakhs of farmers, laborers, and small traders decided to march from Punjab, Haryana, western Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and other states towards Delhi. During their attempt to reach Delhi, the farmers faced warlike resistance from the Indian government at two inter-state borders. Protesters occupied several miles of highway with their tractors and trolleys. In solidarity, protests have erupted all over the country. This powerful portrait of a protesting farmer is a living witness of the determination and sacrifice of the farmers that is carving an important milestone in the modern history of India.

Published on January 23, 2021
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