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Project Description

Women of Nature
Photographs by Sibi Pulpally

Women have been present as subjects/objects of art, courtesy of the peculiarity of the feminine gender identity, and possibly due to the viewership being prominently male. The depiction of the various shades of the Feminine has been taken up across the world, and across art forms – be it painting, sculpture, music, dance, literature. Photography has also quickly caught up in this regard, producing memorable portraits of women from all over the world, to name one aspect. This series of women from Wayanad adds on to the accumulated imageries based on women, and provides a fragmented, and at times random, look into the daily life of the women not from the upper classes of society.

Photography © Sibi Pulpally 2015 / 35 mm digital camera

Sibi Pulpally

Born in 1974 in Pulpally, Wayanad, Sibi took an interest in photography while undergoing his schooling. Photography provided him with a livelihood during his college years, and he has since taken it up as a full-time profession. He currently runs a studio in his native town of Pulpally, and contributes to a variety of publications.