Project Description

Stairs to Nowhere   |  Pee Vee


Stairs to Nowhere is an opportunity to see the side effects of urbanisation. With complex migration and bloating population in the cities, there is a huge focus on development of infrastructure. In the name of development, we ended up razing old structures most of the times for larger projects; say the likes of highway expansion, metro train building, or sometimes even building an extra room in our homes. Stairs to Nowhere is an extrapolation of such developments, which interpret the current scenario to the near future, where we will have NO PLACE TO GO. Stairs to Nowhere is an ongoing project.

Pee Vee (Venkatesan Perumal) 

Pee Vee is a creative entrepreneur and a photographer based in Bangalore, India. He was one of the photographers in the first phase of EtP’s Project 365, documenting the temple town of Tiruvannamalai, in Tamil Nadu. Currently, he is working with Nikon School India as a photography mentor for Karnataka region. He collaborates with INTACH on various projects documenting the City of Bengaluru. He has also facilitated and published two coffee table books, The Tour of Nilgiris (2009) and Frames of My City (2012), and made a short film on Bangalore Lakes called The Bangalore Lake Diaries (2013).