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Project Description

Salt On My Skin
Photographs by Anu John David

Salt On My Skin is centered on the photographer’s grandmother – a native of Karunagapally, Kerala. The grandmother has cultivated fond remembrances in the mind of the photographer, and presents herself as a strikingly rooted and traditional, even typical, Kerala Christian mother; one who belongs to the last generation before globalization set in. To the photographer, the grandmother image carries along with it all the imageries and activities of the village, but the grandmother takes centre-stage in each of them. He recollects the awe with which he observed her ability to juggle household chores day in and day out, and contrasts his remembrance with her present state, in which she seems to him to be awaiting death, serving as a reminder of transience.

Photography © Anu John David / 35 mm digital camera

Anu John David is an aspiring photographer from Kollam, Kerala, working from Bangalore. After his Bachelors in Computer Science, 3D Animation and a short stint in 3D visualisation and design, he started exploring art and photography.