Project Description

Of Wines and Vines
Photographs by Anila Gill

This series of Vineyard workers started taking shape when photographer Anila joined the team of grape-pickers of her neighbour and friend winemaker Pascal Potaire (Les Capriades) in September 2013. She had recently settled in the country side of Central France and, after months spent indoors, she felt exhilarated by the contact with nature in the Vineyard. She had to be up early and start the hard physical labour, which had rhythmic stretch, bend, stretch and bend movements… the feet and hand touching the soil. The amazing body and mind energy it created, as well as the bounding between the members of this motley crew of various marginal backgrounds, inspired Anila to capture and document the synergy. As she was also working, the remaining moments for the photographic project were left to the poses. Thus, after progressing slowly and painfully between the ranks, the relieved standing pauses of the Vineyard workers. A global village of grounded, yet often uprooted workers has come into light, as she learned that the vines, in their wild form, are not meant to creep on the ground but to grow free and entangled, in the forests and jungles.

Photography © Anila Gill / 120 mm film negative

Anila Gill was born to a French mother and an Indian father and grew up between the two countries. Photography has been there ever since she acquired her medium format 120 film camera, slowly constituting her body of work, year after year. After completing literary studies at the University of Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, she spent several years teaching French in different countries, Laos, Syria and India, alongside pursuing a PhD on the writer Saadat Hasan Manto and curating a students’ film festival, l’indiscrète. Back in France, she resumed her interest in photography. She is newly certified from the National School of Photography (ENSP), Arles.