Project Description

Pipe Dreams
Photographs by Shibu Arakkal

Pipe dreams is a series of photographic works done by Shibu Arakkal in 2015. ‘Pipe Dreams’ was born as a fantastical hope of trying to relate in an ernest sense to his physical surroundings. And in trying to weave a story of an object that is physically and philosophically part of his life, Shibu hopes that he would learn more about his own self. Shibu says, “These photographic conversations with objects link my conscious and my unconscious, my seen and my unseen and what is real and what I think to be. In trying to create profound memories that reflect the depth of the current moment as well as the transience of our lives linked to the unseen debris or treasures of our lives, based on how we choose to see it, I came upon one overwhelming realisation. That we could be anchored to our pasts, expectant of our future or consciously and emotionally live in the here and now being connected to our surroundings.”

Photography © Shibu Arakkal 2015 / 35 mm digital camera

Shibu Arakkal

Shibu was born and brought up in Bangalore, where he completed his BA and got his training in digital media. Since 1999, Shibu’s works have been exhibited both in India and abroad, earning him several awards, including the prestigious ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’ Gold Prize in Digital Art for his work “Constructing Life”, exhibited at the Florence Biennale.