Project Description

Untitled Monochromes

Photographs by Praveen P Mohandas

Praveen P Mohandas, a wildlife photographer who chooses to stray from the beaten track of wildlife documentation. Like most of the other amateur photographers, Praveen too started nature photography with an intent to document animal life and landscape. But as he traveled to various ecosystems and understood them deeply, the desire for pure documentation gave way, and a need for an emotional representation of the system through the medium of photography became more intense. The presence of elephants are frequent in his photographs, the most popular and revered animal in Kerala. When asked, he said, “All flora and fauna hold equal importance to me. There is no special interest towards elephants as such. I have shot more photographs of elephants, owing to my frequent visits to Jim Corbett national park in Uttarakhand, one of my favorite national parks in the country. This place is a haven to watch and photograph elephants In India. Maybe there are other places with more elephants, but I have come across only this place in my travel. I still go there often”.  Most of his photographs are monochromes. He feels that feel black and white takes away the realism in the photograph, breaking all elements to its basic form.

Photography © Praveen P Mohandas 2015 / 35 mm digital camera

Praveen Mohandas is from Thrissur, Kerala. Having studied architecture from University of Madras, Praveen is a founder partner of Transform Architects. Architecture, a fascinating exploration by itself, unfolded areas of further ventures such as photography. Praveen is an accomplished nature photographer, who has travelled and photographed across India, photographing its rich flora and fauna. He has spent considerable time in the wild, and his images have appeared in numerous national dailies and magazines of repute.