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Bi-Cycle Diary 5 Epilogue

Sooryanarayanan, Jerin and Anto resumed their journey from Delhi, after having had to take a two-week break because of a minor accident, and were able to reach Khardung La on September 10, thus reaching their intended destination on the 78th day of their journey. Their return to Kerala was via bus and train, and they reached back home on September 21st and received hearty welcomes in their neighbourhoods.

Our four cyclists are not the first to attempt such journeys. Alex Kurien George, a native of Kottayam, cycled from Kanyakumari to Leh last year, covering the distance over the period of a month. In 2015, Adarsh Kumar from Hubli had cycled the same distance in just 19 days. Apart from such notable instances, multiple cyclists and bikers go on long journeys – Darjeeling, Nepal, Sikkim etc. being popular destinations.

The International Youth Year (1985) saw an important event happened in Cochin that is little known or talked about; John Abraham flagged off an international cycling trip, undertaken by four youths – Albert, Lt. Antony, Abraham Xavier and Lt. Joshy. Unfortunately, they could only reach till Delhi and discontinued their trip due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Taking a longer time to complete their journey has had its positives for our team, because it allowed them to interact with and experience more cross-sections and spaces. They also had to go through difficulties, even having to split up along the way, apart from encountering different kinds of circumstances. These difficulties are to be expected when a young group of people embark on such a long journey, the experiences of which will undoubtedly benefit them.

Any such undertaking, whether a success or a failure, is not limited to the efforts of the doers; there are multiple people supporting them and helping them morally, physically and financially. The social conditions that allow such endeavours should also be acknowledged.

Photo Mail wishes the team good luck in their careers and future travels.