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Project Description

Bi-Cycle Diary 1

Sooryanarayanan, Jerin, Jinu, and Anto are a group of college mates who have undertaken a journey from Ponkunnam, Kerala to Ladakh, covering the entire distance by bicycle. They began their journey on June 25th 2017, and have reached the state of Madhya Pradesh. The four of them were students of St. Joseph College of Communication, Changanassery, completing their undergraduate degree in April 2017. They had begun planning this journey during their college days, and subsequently underwent long preparations, including saving up enough money to buy the bicycles and for the travel expenditure, and becoming physically fit. Inspired by accounts of previous cyclists who have cycled to Ladakh, they envisioned this journey both as a break from their academic life so far, and as a broadening of horizons; none of them had travelled much outside Kerala. Having made their way so far at a leisurely pace, apart from covering long stretches of highway quickly, the group have had to resort to sleeping at petrol stations, roadside buildings and, in one case, inside a temple. Experiences along the way have at times been cherishable, and at other times, difficult but instructive; two of them had their mobile phones stolen at night, and they have had helping hands lent to them by locals and other travellers at different places. Each of them has been using compact cameras and mobile phones to capture images along the way. Photo Mail will be publishing their photographs in a sequence of articles; this one features images by Sooryanarayanan.

Sooryanarayanan was born and brought up in Ponkunnam, Kerala. He had taken part in an EtP Residency program, as an internship, during December 2015 – January 2016. The photo series that he did as part of this residency program necessitated going 15-20 km everyday on a cycle, and he acknowledges that this is when he rediscovered a love for cycling. Sooryanarayanan is an aspiring cinematographer, and practises still photography with love and diligence. His photographic images are concerned with the different spaces and structures that he encounters, emphasizing geometrical relationships and proximities; buildings, figures,and icons enter his images as forms. He shoots mostly in monochrome and, at times, with restricted use of colour.