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Xposure 2020  Online Group Exhibition presented by Light Source, Kozhikode 

Xposure 2020, an online exhibition of 16 photographers is now online at the website of Light Source, a registered organisation (2016) based in Kozhikode, Kerala. Light Source is formed by a group of like-minded individuals interested in photography, videography, movies, nature protection, and wildlife protection. Light Source began as a Facebook group, and at present, it has about 9000 members. Since 2010, Lightsoruce has been conducting camera walks, photography camps, workshops, and awareness campaigns. Lightsource produced Kuttippuram Palam, a full-length feature film without dialogue and music. Directed by award-winning cinematographer Prathap Joseph Kuttippuram Palam got screened in various film festivals. Light Source also has a biennial fellowship for talented photographers.

Light Source Photography exhibition started in 2012, and every year print exhibitions were organized at Lalitha Kala Academy Art Galleries in Kozhikode and Malappuram. 2020 is a year of change for everyone and it is no different for Light Source. Although the scale and degree are different, each and every one of us is affected in one way or another. Pushing boundaries – Transcending limitations, seems to be the tagline for this year. On the one hand, we are trying to grapple with the pandemic and its aftermath, and on the other hand, the comparatively privileged amongst us are imbibing the digital space. Light Source embraced this opportunity by going digital, said Prathap Joseph, a founding member of Light Source. On 25th October, film director Geo Baby inaugurated the exhibition and website, in which the exhibition is embedded. There is no curatorial or thematic focus, and the rather loosely gathered, formulaic, pictorial, wildlife, and street photographs give a snapshot idea of what is clicking in the world of Kerala photographers. The show will be online for 1 month.

Do not miss watching the online exhibit (click this link to see the exhibition).

Photographers, Xposure 2020 online exhibition presented by Light Source