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Spill  solo show by Sohrab Hora @ Experimenter, Kolkata

Kolkata-based Experimenter will be hosting ‘Spill’, a solo show by photographer Sohrab Hura. It opens on 7 November, 2020 at Experimenter – Ballygunge Place and runs until 2 January, 2021. Spill is an unfolding of a 15-year practice marked by constant probing of the medium of image making.

“Hura’s process may be viewed like a complex system of synaptic connections, where the branches of his process allow for transmissions back and forth between interests that are central to his practice and their extensions. Bodies of work such as ‘Bittersweet’ (2019) and ‘A Proposition For Departure’ (2017) underscore the interconnectedness of Hura’s work. A room of experiments and accidents also finds a place in the exhibition. In ‘Spill’, it is these experiments and accidents with images that help in sparking new synapses that eventually become larger branches of his process– a sign of things to come,” states the Press Note about the exhibition.

Venue: 45, Ballygunge Place, Kolkata, 19

About Experimenter:

Experimenter exhibits art that is representative of the current times. Its program is devoted to showing works of artists who are constantly challenging the boundaries of visual art.

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Land of a Thousand Struggles (Detail) © Sohrab Hura 2005 – 06