Experimenter Curators’ Hub is a platform in developing and sustaining discourse on curatorial practice and exhibition-making through critical discussion and debate. Structured as a deeply intensive program, every year the hub invites some of the foremost curators of the world to present their practice with reference to recent exhibitions curated by them. The audience at Experimenter Curators’ Hub plays an active role in this exchange and contributes significantly to the conversations. The final day ends with a moderated panel discussion with all the participating curators, reflecting on the key aspects that emerged over the hub.

Keeping the spirit of reflection in mind, this year the hub has re-invited a participating curator from each prior iteration from the last decade of the hub, to share a nuanced approach to their practice and how time has transformed their conceptual anchors, collaborative process, and the cultural infrastructure that sustains exhibitions as ‘form-ideas’.

The participating curators at ECH 2020: Adam Szymczyk; Alessandro Vincentelli; Doryun Chong; Gitanjali Dang; Léuli Eshrāghi; Naman P. Ahuja; Naomi Beckwith; Raqs Media Collective; Reem Fadda; Zasha Colah.
Moderated by Natasha Ginwala.

Experimenter Curators’ Hub 2020 is organized by Experimenter Learning Program Foundation and is supported by Australia Council for the Arts, British Council and TAKE on Art (media partner).

For further information write to admin@experimenter.in | Here is the link to Registration