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Following the Strokes  Call for art festival

Kolkata Center for Creativity has announced a call for submissions for upcoming Online Art Festival.

Concept: Following the Strokes

Kolkata Centre for Creativity has announced an opening invitation for their forthcoming exhibition, ‘Following the Strokes, Through Dark Times’, which invites artists to engage with some of the Master’s artworks and the ideas behind them. The exhibition is aimed to look at old masters who have captured the essence of living through a past endemic in their paintings, photographs, or even literary pieces. After selecting one such artwork (painting, photograph, or writing) that most resonates with one’s own experience of the ongoing pandemic, Kolkata Center for Creativity invites the participants to create an artwork in any chosen medium of expression. The submission must include an image of the artwork, along with the image of the artwork (lines from a book, if it is a literary work)that originally inspired the participant.

The selected works will be exhibited online.

Submission Date: 1st to 10th November

Selection Date: 11th to 12th November

For More information, check Kolkata Center for Creativity Website