The Arts Practice programme supports critical practice in the arts. It encourages practitioners working across artistic disciplines to question and critique existing norms through their practice. The programme seeks to foreground a culture where arts practice is constantly being shaped and articulated through experimentation and critical dialogue.

As quoted by IFA, “We turn to the arts when we are joyful; we turn to the arts when we grieve. And in times of uncertainty and despair, we turn to arts again for sustaining our hopes. The arts enable us to forge solidarities, make sense of the present, and come together to imagine collective futures. This is especially true of now when the Coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt and alter our lives. More here than ever anywhere else, the arts must remind us of the human capacity to endure, re-imagine and create. We at IFA thus continue to support projects across our programmes. We realise that during these times projects will need fresh modes of thinking, creating and presenting the arts, as well as new imaginations of engagement with audiences and communities. We encourage and welcome such enquiries and explorations, within the mandate of our programmes. We hope that we will emerge more resilient and compassionate from this global crisis”.

Please write to Sumana Chandrashekar at sumana@indiaifa.org or John Xaviers at john@indiaifa.org for any questions or enquiries.

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