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E-launch of UNESCO’s ‘Legal Handbook for the Artist Community in India’

India lacks the practice of the disciplinary regime of laws relating to the arts and antiquities. Whether it is the authenticity of a work of art to wrongful attribution, incorrect provenance documentation/representation to the absence of contracts, stolen works of art to an unregulated art market – the issues are varied and each deserving of urgent redressal.  This arena which is raw and unchartered, requires a vision, thinking, and absolute dedication. A vision that will combine the intellectual powers and activism of the members of the art world as well as the legal fraternity to build a more reliable and consistent system.

UNESCO, New Delhi will be launching a digital release of the Legal Handbook for the Artist Community in India. This handbook is the culmination of a vision set forth by Tejshree Savara (Arts, Antiquities and Cultural Heritage Law Advisor) produced in collaboration with Christine Ithurbide (Postdoctoral Researcher on Art and Cultural Industries), and supported by the Culture Department – UNESCO, New Delhi. The Legal Handbook is an attempt to address the recurring legal queries of both emerging and established artists and aims to be a reference tool during their creative journey.

Some of the key objectives of this Handbook are to:

  • share knowledge, demystify, and spread awareness amongst members of the Artist community regarding the law and their corresponding rights.
  • provide answers to a few frequently asked questions on the legal aspects of creation, production, sale, and reproduction of Works of Art.
  • provide guidance and clarity to the artist in his/her process about Due Diligence.
  • encourage the implementation of good practices amongst the members of the Art community.
  • foster a better understanding and encourage real-time enforcement and implementation of Art Law.

The e-launch will take place on December 10, 2020, at 3:30 pm, and Arundhati Ghosh, Executive Director IFA will be a part of the launch events. There will be a sequence of events beginning with the opening speech by Director of UNESCO New Delhi, Eric Falt, the vision behind the Handbook by Tejshree Savara and Christine Ithurbide, discussion with Arundhati Ghosh, and a brief Q/A Session with the audience.

The e-book is available for free at this link.  To Register Click here.

Book Cover: UNESCO’s Legal Handbook for the Artist Community in India