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Daily Shot  National Geographic Traveller India’s daily photo contest

National Geographic is a known name for travelers and photographers alike. Their regular photography contests are an inspiration for lens-based artists. What if there is a contest every single day? Nat Geo’s Daily Shot is just that. Season is the theme for Nat Geo’s latest call, which states, “A sudden chill in the air, leafy green trees turning crimson gold and a spurt of endless festivities could mean only one thing: autumn is here. From carved pumpkins with evil smiles to many-hued fall picnics with spiced lattes, our theme for this Daily Shot is everything that comes under the ambit of your Autumn Diaries. Festivals, bright, bold colors of the fall foliage, Halloween, pumpkin pies—send in only those photographs that remind one strongly of the season.”

Well, Halloween is not celebrated in our country, and autumn is well behind us. But, we do have our share of colors and celebrations. And your photo could be the winning one for today. Entries that best do justice to the theme will be featured on Nat Geo Traveller India’s homepage and across all their social media. The top three winners will get featured in the magazine. Nat Geo encourages the contestants to write a story along with the image, which will also be published if won. Note: No overly edited or Photoshopped images will be accepted.

To enter the contest: check link.

© Shreya Singha Ray | Nat Geo Daily Shot Winner, May 15