January 2021

Indian Artist wins prestigious Berlin Arts Prize

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Artist Sajan Mani, a native of Kannur, has been studying and practising art in Berlin for the past four years. He has won the prestigious Berlin Art Prize for visual arts, becoming the first Indian artist to win the honour. The Berlin Art Prize is an independent award for contemporary art, open to all Berlin-based artists.

காலத்தைச் சுமக்கும் பெயர் பலகைகள்

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ஒளியினால் உருவாகும் புகைப்படப்பதிவுகள் எக்காலத்திற்கும் நிலைத்திருக்கும் கல்வெட்டுகள் போன்றவை. சமகால நவீனத்தில் புகைப்படங்கள் மூலம் ஆவணப்படுத்துதல் என்பது எளிய வகை. ஒரு ஆவணமாக எந்த ஒரு புகைப்படமும் சிறந்ததே. புகைப்படப் பின்னணியில் உள்ள சிந்தைகள், அழகியல், மற்றும் சின்னச் சின்னக் கூறுகளால் அப்படம் கலையியலாக உருமாறுகிறது. ஆர்வமுடையோரின் ஒத்துழைப்புகளால் INDIGO BOARDS OF MADRAS குழுவின் இந்த ஆவண முயற்சிகள் இன்னும் மெருகேறி முழுதாக நடைபோட வாய்ப்பிருக்கிறது.

December 2020

$12 in 1948, $1000000 in 2020, Ansel Adam’s print sold by Sotheby for record price

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Sotheby has made record sales of Ansel Adams prints giving a rather ceremonious end to the challenging year. ‘A Grand Vision: The David H. Arrington Collection of Ansel Adams Masterworks’ comprised of 123 prints by Ansel Adams, and the complete set was put up for auction this December 14. Interestingly, 94% of the collection were successfully sold to buyers both in person at Sotheby’s New York and online. A mural-sized print, ‘The Grand Tetons and the Snake River, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming’, sold for a record-high for an Ansel Adams print, closing at $988,000 USD.

I AM NOT MADE IN JAPAN, Nikon to Reportedly Stop Making Cameras in Japan

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Japanese camera maker Nikon has been struggling with a diminishing demand for its cameras. So bad the situation of the camera giant that it is now being reported that the company may pull the plug on making cameras in Japan, something the company has been doing for more than 70 years. The report of Nikon shutting down manufacturing in Japan comes from a local newspaper called Asahi.

Four Indian Photographers recognized by World Press Photo

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World Press Photo announced the results of the second cycle, 6 new talents from Asia that includes four Indians, Debsuddha Banerjee; Deepti Asthana; Santanu Dey, and Sutirtha Chatterjee. The other two recognition goes to Mengwen Cao, China, and Parisa Azadi. In 2018, Senthil Kumaran, an independent visual storyteller from South India, and New Delhi based Saumya Khandelwal, who is now a part of the nomination team were recognized as 6×6 young talents.

Maps of Disquiet, Chennai Photo Biennale releases first list of artists

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T[/fusion_dropcap]he Chennai Photo Biennale Foundation has released the curatorial concept, first list of artists, and collaborative projects ahead of the opening of the third edition of the Chennai Photo Biennale (CPB). Originally scheduled to open in December 2020, the CPB has been postponed to December 2021 due to the Covid pandemic. Titled 'Maps of Disquiet', the new edition of CPB will, according to the curators, "reflect on the exigencies of our times: resisting majoritarian impositions, ecological collapse, and technological dystopias by reclaiming pluralities of thought, voices, and art, and building new networks of solidarity and care".

Forgotten Treasure: Longest exposed pinhole photograph

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What if you set-up a make-shift pinhole camera, and forget all about it? And, find it some 8 years later still intact. It gets better. What if you find that it has been working till then, waiting for someone to close its shutter? With eight years and one-month long exposure, this could be the longest photographic exposure ever made.

Biennale Effect: Bose Krishnamachari features in the Power 100 list, 6th time in a row

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“It is a reflection of the effort, sacrifice, and creativity of the entire Biennale community, including my colleagues at the Foundation, the artists and curators at the various editions, as well as our supporters, it’s ‘Our Biennale Effect," Bose Krishnamachiri responds to ranking in the Power 100 list, 6th time in a row.

November 2020

A rendezvous of past and future: India’s first digital museum set for launch

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The Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) is being launched, virtually, before it's physical launch next year. While usually the physical space precedes the virtual space, the MAP is reversing that concept, by first launching itself as a digital museum. To mark this India's first digital museum launch on December 5, the MAP is organising a week-long virtual programme titled 'Art (is) Life', besides inaugurating it's 'Museums without Borders' initiative.