January 2021

Indian Artist wins prestigious Berlin Arts Prize

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Artist Sajan Mani, a native of Kannur, has been studying and practising art in Berlin for the past four years. He has won the prestigious Berlin Art Prize for visual arts, becoming the first Indian artist to win the honour. The Berlin Art Prize is an independent award for contemporary art, open to all Berlin-based artists.

December 2020

Pandemic Paradox, Indian Art 2020

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The world of art and culture is one of the hardest-hit sectors. The already limited support structure for artists and art/cultural organisations in India has dwindled further, pushing many to oblivion. The coronavirus outbreak and subsequent nationwide lockdown did affect almost all art practitioners, but then, the scale of impact was different for different sectors. Performance artists and photographers received the first line of bullets, with curtains down on live performances and mobility curtailed for photography assignments. Even within this, there were increased vulnerabilities because of one’s age (young, mid-career, and senior), location (rural or urban), networking possibilities, social and family support lines etc.