Meet the artist Sunil Gupta

Meet the Artist Sunil Gupta | In conversation with Radhika Singh | Talks Show #7

Ekaokam Trust for Photography presents the next Images of Encounter MEET THE ARTIST TALK SHOW with eminent Photographer and Curator SUNIL GUPTA, in conversation with Archivist and Photo Curator Ms. Radhika Singh
Language: English
Date: 7th November 2020
Time: 7.00 pm IST
ID: 840 4259 9868
Password: 527930
Sunil Gupta’s Mr. Malhotra’s Party is exhibited as part of Images of Encounter Online Photography show – see
Sunil Gupta is a Canadian citizen, (b. New Delhi 1953) MA (Royal College of Art) PhD (University of Westminster), who has been involved in independent photography as a critical practice for many years focusing on race, migration and queer issues. Gupta’s published works include the monographs: Queer: Sunil Gupta (Prestel/Vadehra Art Gallery, 2011); Wish You Were Here: Memories of a Gay Life (Yoda Press, New Delhi, 2008); and Pictures From Here (Chris Boot Ltd., New York, 2003). His works have been exhibited at reputed museums and galleries around the world.
Radhika Singh graduated in Sociology from Delhi University. She started Delhi’s first photo agency, Fotomedia in 1987, representing over 100 photographers and professionalizing the sale of images in the Indian market. After 2000, she has continued her work as an archivist and photo curator, presenting over 20 photography exhibitions to a global audience. Radhika has published two books on Indian textiles. These are ‘The Fabric of our Lives’, The Story of
Fabindia’ (Penguin 2010), and ‘Suraya Hasan Bose. Weaving a Legend’. (Tara Press 2019). She is currently working on the history of ‘Sud Chemie’ a family owned company that manufactures catalysts.
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Nov 07 2020


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