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February 24, 2021 / Latest, Product

Nikon announces 4K, 1,000-fps video sensor with adaptive exposure  

Nikon cameras have announced a new sensor, which could be a game-changer, with super-slow motion, huge dynamic range, and exposure live-adjusted throughout the image. 
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Photo Ireland Festival 2021
February 22, 2021 / Call for, Opportunities, Latest

Photo Ireland Festival 2021  Call for Proposals

Photo Ireland Festival invites national and international artists and practitioners, including writers, researchers, curators, emerging and established, to propose works to be part of PhotoIreland Festival 2021. The 12th edition will take place in Dublin in July 2021, with exhibitions and events running throughout the month.
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In a first, the Kerala Lalithakala Akademi has opened its exhibition grant to photographers. One recipient Devarajan Devan’s Poojyam opens today at Kozhikode
February 8, 2021 / Exhibition, News

In a first, the Kerala Lalithakala Akademi has opened its exhibition grant to photographers. One recipient Devarajan Devan’s Poojyam opens today at Kozhikode

One of the first Lalithakala Akademi exhibition grant recipients is young photographer Devarajan Devan. He says he became a photographer by chance, some five years ago. But once he has gotten into it, there is no looking back. He is basically a commercial event photographer with an interest in street photography, a well-trodden path introduced by the likes of Henri-Cartier Bresson. The show from the grant, Poojyam (Zero) is opening today, 8th February at Lalithakala Akademi Kozhikode. This would be Devarajan’s first photography exhibition. Here is an exclusive interview with Devarajan Devan, taken by Rahul Menon. 
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Exhibition Opportunity for emerging photographers
February 7, 2021 / Opportunities

Connections, an opportunity for emerging photographers to exhibit in Berlin

Photographic Exploration Project (PEP) has announced an open call inviting artists to submit photographic works that express the notion of ‘Connection'. The Entry is free and selected artworks will be showcased at the collective exhibition at the gallery "KlanGalerie" in Berlin in April 2021.
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Don McCullin
February 4, 2021 / News

Unreasonable Behaviour, biopic of a war photographer

Angelina Jolie has announced that she would direct a biopic about wartime photographer Don McCullin based on his best-selling autobiography Unreasonable Behaviour, first published in 2002.
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Artist Sajan Mani
January 27, 2021 / News

Indian Artist wins prestigious Berlin Arts Prize

Artist Sajan Mani, a native of Kannur, has been studying and practising art in Berlin for the past four years. He has won the prestigious Berlin Art Prize for visual arts, becoming the first Indian artist to win the honour. The Berlin Art Prize is an independent award for contemporary art, open to all Berlin-based artists.
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Indigo Boards in Tamil Nadu
January 7, 2021 / News

காலத்தைச் சுமக்கும் பெயர் பலகைகள்

ஒளியினால் உருவாகும் புகைப்படப்பதிவுகள் எக்காலத்திற்கும் நிலைத்திருக்கும் கல்வெட்டுகள் போன்றவை. சமகால நவீனத்தில் புகைப்படங்கள் மூலம் ஆவணப்படுத்துதல் என்பது எளிய வகை. ஒரு ஆவணமாக எந்த ஒரு புகைப்படமும் சிறந்ததே. புகைப்படப் பின்னணியில் உள்ள சிந்தைகள், அழகியல், மற்றும் சின்னச் சின்னக் கூறுகளால் அப்படம் கலையியலாக உருமாறுகிறது. ஆர்வமுடையோரின் ஒத்துழைப்புகளால் INDIGO BOARDS OF MADRAS குழுவின் இந்த ஆவண முயற்சிகள் இன்னும் மெருகேறி முழுதாக நடைபோட வாய்ப்பிருக்கிறது.
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Lalit Kala Academy exhibition 2021
January 4, 2021 / Exhibition

HYDRART, first physical exhibition after lockdown at Lalith Kala Akademi, Thrissur, Opens

A photography exhibition titled Hydrart is being organised from January 2 to 9 at the art gallery of Lalithakala Akademi in Thrissur. At the show is a collection of abstract photographs taken by Renjith Madhavan, a photographer and journalist with the Mathrubhumi daily. Hydrart deals with the interaction of light with stagnant and flowing water.
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IFA-VMH Museum Fellowship
December 30, 2020 / Fellowship

India Foundation for the Arts – Victoria Memorial Hall Creative and Scholarly Projects

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) in collaboration with Victoria Memorial Hall (VMH), Kolkata invites applications for an IFA-VMH Creative Project and IFA-VMH Scholarly Project, under its Archives and Museums programme which IFA will implement. The Archives and Museums programme is part-supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi.
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Pandemic Paradox, art world 2020
December 29, 2020 / Special Report

Pandemic Paradox, Indian Art 2020

The world of art and culture is one of the hardest-hit sectors. The already limited support structure for artists and art/cultural organisations in India has dwindled further, pushing many to oblivion. The coronavirus outbreak and subsequent nationwide lockdown did affect almost all art practitioners, but then, the scale of impact was different for different sectors. Performance artists and photographers received the first line of bullets, with curtains down on live performances and mobility curtailed for photography assignments. Even within this, there were increased vulnerabilities because of one’s age (young, mid-career, and senior), location (rural or urban), networking possibilities, social and family support lines etc.
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Ansel Adams, The Grand Tetons and the Snake River, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
December 23, 2020 / News

$12 in 1948, $1000000 in 2020, Ansel Adam’s print sold by Sotheby for record price

Sotheby has made record sales of Ansel Adams prints giving a rather ceremonious end to the challenging year. ‘A Grand Vision: The David H. Arrington Collection of Ansel Adams Masterworks’ comprised of 123 prints by Ansel Adams, and the complete set was put up for auction this December 14. Interestingly, 94% of the collection were successfully sold to buyers both in person at Sotheby’s New York and online. A mural-sized print, ‘The Grand Tetons and the Snake River, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming’, sold for a record-high for an Ansel Adams print, closing at $988,000 USD.
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December 23, 2020 / News

I AM NOT MADE IN JAPAN, Nikon to Reportedly Stop Making Cameras in Japan

Japanese camera maker Nikon has been struggling with a diminishing demand for its cameras. So bad the situation of the camera giant that it is now being reported that the company may pull the plug on making cameras in Japan, something the company has been doing for more than 70 years. The report of Nikon shutting down manufacturing in Japan comes from a local newspaper called Asahi.
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Photographer Heidi Levine
December 22, 2020 / Call for, Opportunities

Photographs illustrating the topic of safety of women journalists, UNESCO Call for Proposals

UNESCO is inviting professional photographers from all over the world to send a sample of their best photographs depicting female journalists in situations that threaten their safety.
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Photography grant for the marginalised
December 21, 2020 / Opportunities, Grant

Amplify Grant for marginalized Indian photographers

Amplify Photo invites documentary photographers based in India to submit proposals for Amplify's inaugural grant. Two grants of 50,000 INR each will be awarded to photographers to develop their existing projects further. The selected storytellers will get a chance to work with veterans of the industry for publication and editorial support.
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Pondicherry Heritage Festival 2021
December 18, 2020 / Contest

French Institute of Pondicherry invites entries for photography contest  2021

On the occasion of the Pondicherry Heritage Festival 2021 (Jan 29-Feb 12) and the World Wetlands Day 2021 (Feb 2nd), a free photographic competition is being organized by Institut Français de Pondichéry (IFP) / French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP). The contest is open to all on the theme of Wetlands and Water in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry regions. The categories include landscapes, humans, farming, fauna, small fauna, and flora.
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Photographer Santanu Dey's Lost Legacy
December 17, 2020 / News

Four Indian Photographers recognized by World Press Photo

World Press Photo announced the results of the second cycle, 6 new talents from Asia that includes four Indians, Debsuddha Banerjee; Deepti Asthana; Santanu Dey, and Sutirtha Chatterjee. The other two recognition goes to Mengwen Cao, China, and Parisa Azadi. In 2018, Senthil Kumaran, an independent visual storyteller from South India, and New Delhi based Saumya Khandelwal, who is now a part of the nomination team were recognized as 6×6 young talents.
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Chennai Photo Biennale
December 14, 2020 / News

Maps of Disquiet, Chennai Photo Biennale releases first list of artists

T[/fusion_dropcap]he Chennai Photo Biennale Foundation has released the curatorial concept, first list of artists, and collaborative projects ahead of the opening of the third edition of the Chennai Photo Biennale (CPB). Originally scheduled to open in December 2020, the CPB has been postponed to December 2021 due to the Covid pandemic. Titled 'Maps of Disquiet', the new edition of CPB will, according to the curators, "reflect on the exigencies of our times: resisting majoritarian impositions, ecological collapse, and technological dystopias by reclaiming pluralities of thought, voices, and art, and building new networks of solidarity and care".
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8 year long exposure pin hole photograph
December 13, 2020 / News

Forgotten Treasure: Longest exposed pinhole photograph

What if you set-up a make-shift pinhole camera, and forget all about it? And, find it some 8 years later still intact. It gets better. What if you find that it has been working till then, waiting for someone to close its shutter? With eight years and one-month long exposure, this could be the longest photographic exposure ever made.
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This is Gender 2021 Contest Call for
December 10, 2020 / Contest

This is Gender 2021, photography contest

This is Gender, the global photography competition hosted by Global Health 50/50, is back. Now in their second year, Global Health 50/50 invites photographers to share their vision of what gender looks like and to submit photographs that explore the diverse ways in which gender norms – rigid and fluid, traditional and progressive – are lived and subverted by men, women and non-binary people.
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UNESCO legal handbook for artists
December 9, 2020 / Book Release

E-launch of UNESCO’s Legal Handbook for the Artist Community in India

India lacks the practice of the disciplinary regime of laws relating to the arts and antiquities. Whether it is the authenticity of a work of art to wrongful attribution, incorrect provenance documentation / representation to the absence of contracts, stolen works of art to an unregulated art market – the issues are varied and each deserving of urgent redressal.  This arena which is raw and unchartered, requires a vision, thinking, and absolute dedication. A vision that will combine the intellectual powers and activism of the members of the art world as well as the legal fraternity to build a more reliable and consistent system. Tomorrow, 3.30 pm, UNESCO, New Delhi is launching the digital release of the informative, 'Legal Handbook for the Artist Community in India'.
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Bose Krishnamachari Image by Prabhat Shetty
December 4, 2020 / News

Biennale Effect: Bose Krishnamachari features in the Power 100 list, 6th time in a row

“It is a reflection of the effort, sacrifice, and creativity of the entire Biennale community, including my colleagues at the Foundation, the artists and curators at the various editions, as well as our supporters, it’s ‘Our Biennale Effect," Bose Krishnamachiri responds to ranking in the Power 100 list, 6th time in a row.
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December 3, 2020 / Contest

Daily Shot, National Geographic Traveller India’s daily photo contest

National Geography is a known name for travelers and photographers alike. Their regular photography contests are an inspiration for lens-based artists. What if there is a contest every single day? Nat Geo's Daily Shot is just that. Season is the theme for Nat Geo's latest call.
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Greg Lecoeur | Sony National Award | 2020
December 2, 2020 / Contest

Sony World Photography Awards 2021

Produced by the World Photography Organisation, the internationally acclaimed Sony World Photography Awards are one of the most important fixtures in the photographic calendar. Competitions for 2021 is now open under 3 categories, Professional (for photographers entering a body of work or portfolio), Open (for photographers entering a single image), Student (for academic institutions) and Youth (for 12-19 year-olds). Deadline: January 14, 2021 13:00 GMT
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November 30, 2020 / News

A rendezvous of past and future: India’s first digital museum set for launch

The Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) is being launched, virtually, before it's physical launch next year. While usually the physical space precedes the virtual space, the MAP is reversing that concept, by first launching itself as a digital museum. To mark this India's first digital museum launch on December 5, the MAP is organising a week-long virtual programme titled 'Art (is) Life', besides inaugurating it's 'Museums without Borders' initiative.
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Leica Monochrome Q2
November 29, 2020 / Product

Monochromic Dream – Leica Q2

While the world is continuing to face a standstill, photographers are given a new dream, Leica Q2 Monochrome. Launched on 11th November 2020, this new camera has come with a promise to make traditional monochrome sheek one-click for professionals and amateurs alike.
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Xposure online photography exhibition
November 25, 2020 / Exhibition


Xposure group show featuring the works of 16 photographers was inaugurated by film director Geo Baby on 25th October 2020
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November 4, 2020 / Call for

PSBT Film Challenge 2020

PSBT calls for all film aficionados, professionals and amateurs to make a film and compete for an award! The PSBT Film Challenge 2020, calls for short documentaries on covid experience. There are no rigid technical  requirements –  films just need to be in HD and have passable audio quality.
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SPILL Sohrab Hura Experimenter – Ballygunge Place ⁣ 07 Nov, 2020 – 02 Jan, 2021
November 4, 2020 / Exhibition

Spill, solo show by Sohrab Hora @ Experimenter, Kolkata opens on 7th November

Kolkata-based Experimenter will be hosting ‘Spill’, a solo show by photographer Sohrab Hura. It opens on 7 November, 2020 at Experimenter – Ballygunge Place and runs until 2 January, 2021.
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The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant
November 4, 2020 / Grant

Elizebeth Green Shields Foundation grant for young artists

The Elizebeth Greenshields Foundation grants for young artists. Open throughout the year.
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Akbar instructing the “Mahabharatha” translators with Akbar’s ancestor Alan Qo’a | 45 x 60 cm © Midhun Mohan
November 4, 2020 / Exhibition

ESPACE, online exhibition curated by Sreekrishnan KP

ESPACE, a show of four artists curated by Sreekrishnan KP goes online
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October 21, 2020 / Opportunities

Artreach–KNMA Teaching Fellowships 2020-21 (Online)

Artreach, in partnership with KNMA, will be supporting multiple artists over 2020-21, through short term Teaching Fellowships. Open Calls will be released periodically over the year. For the first phase (November 2020-March 2021), Art-Reach invites proposals from artists to lead three Online Teaching Fellowships; three artists will be selected, to lead separate Teaching Fellowships.
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October 21, 2020 / Workshop

Crafting a compelling visual narrative with Dominique Hildebrand – Photo Editor – National Geographic

India Photo Festival, Hyderabad, presents an intense editing workshop with Photo Editor Dominique Hildebrand. This one-day workshop is suitable for...
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Experimenter Curator's Club
October 21, 2020 / Opportunities

Registrations open, Experimenter Curators’ Hub 2020 Online – 19, 20, 21 & 22 November.

Experimenter Curators’ Hub is a platform in developing and sustaining discourse on curatorial practice and exhibition-making through critical discussion and...
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India Foundation for the Arts
October 18, 2020 / Grant

India Foundation for the Arts, call for Arts Practice Programme

India Foundation for the Arts, Arts Practice programme supports critical practice in the arts. It encourages practitioners working across artistic disciplines to question and critique existing norms through their practice. The programme seeks to foreground a culture where arts practice is constantly being shaped and articulated through experimentation and critical dialogue.
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FICA call for Research grant
October 18, 2020 / Grant

ILA DALMIA FICA Research Grant 2020

Ila Dalmia FICA Research Grant 2020, instituted by FICA with the support of art historian and curator Yashodhara Dalmia in the memory of her sister Ila Dalmia, aims to provide an annual grant to support research on Indian modern and contemporary art. The grant amount of Rs. Two Lakhs will focus on supporting an independent, year-long research project by a selected Indian applicant.
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Kolkata Center for Creativity call for submissions for Art Festival 2020
October 18, 2020 / Opportunities

Kolkata Center for Creativity, Call for submission for art festival

Kolkata Centre for Creativity has announced an opening invitation for their forthcoming exhibition, ‘Following the Strokes, Through Dark Times’, which invites artists to engage with some of the Master's artworks and the ideas behind them.
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Kochi Muziris Biennale, Student's Edition
October 18, 2020 / Opportunities

Student’s Biennale, Kochi Muziris Biennale 2020

Kochi Biennale Foundation has announced the fourth edition of the Students' Biennale. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this edition of the Students' Biennale will be held online.
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October 18, 2020 / Fellowship

Sahapedia Film Fellowship Grant

Sahapedia announces the Sahapedia Film Fellowship Grant Award 2020 and invites early-career Indian filmmakers to make short non-fiction films which will document India’s diverse and vibrant cultural practices, communities and spaces. The short films produced through this fellowship will be published on Sahapedia’s web portal and its associated social media platforms.
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